About Rabine America

Leading the Way Since 1981

Rabine America stemmed from a local paving company in the Midwest and branched out as a national parking lot services provider. We saw a need for our customers who wanted the same consistent quality, communication, and reliability at their facilities across the country.

Rabine America is a full service provider of commercial/industrial pavement construction, pavement maintenance, parking lot design, and construction management. Our clients trust us to deliver world class services in all corners of the United States. We are able to perform quick reactive projects, large pavement construction, and overall pavement management for small to large portfolios.

Our Vision

To Be The World Class Partner Leading Innovation, Education, Performance and Goodwill.

Our Values


Safety is our number one core value

Rabine values the safety of our clients, customers of our clients, our team members, and the public. We drill our safety standards into the minds of our partners on all of our job sites.

Our safety culture is ever evolving and ever improving.

How do we ensure safety for our team, clients and the public at our sites?

Awards and Recognition

Rabine is recognized as an innovator in the paving industry. We are proud of the awards we have received that set us apart from our competitors. Below are some achievements.

Best and Brightest award
2022 Top Pavement Contractor award

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Your parking lot is the first thing your visitors see. It is their first impression so let’s make it a good one! We have an amazing safety record with decades of experience. Our industry-leading experts drive best practices and innovative solutions to ensure a long-lasting product and a smooth construction process.

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